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Morris Dancing in Dorset:

Festus Derriman is a character in Thomas Hardy's 'Trumpet Major'. Since this novel features the village we know as Upwey, where our Morris Side is based, it seemed like a logical name. The side was formed in the late 80's. Please get in touch if you were part of that original line up! Use the 'guest book' proforma on the Feedback page


I joined in 1993. There are several members from those early days still sticking and capering. I'm inspired by one of these stalwarts-Ray- who celebrated his 80th this year (2010) - and still doesn't get out of breath on 'Nutting girl' like some of us ( oh- just me then!)


Currently(Aug 2010)  we have 6 musicians- 2 of whom also dance and 10 dancers. We dance Cotswold Morris- usually the Adderbury and Bampton traditions- with the odd Fieldtown thrown in. While dances are based on the 'Black Book', officianados will spot the evolution of style that is all part of a dynamic - once aural-tradition i.e. we do it our way and enjoy it! We are a mixed side and part of the Morris Federation. Our aim is to keep the traditions alive, be entertaining and enjoy ourselves. (See the potted 'History of Morris' page)


If you would like to join or just come along for a look-see then see where we are on the Dancing Out programme and have a watch and a drink - and maybe a join in! Or contact me through  or come along to the hall one Wednesday from mid- September .




Whether this is your first visit to the site or whether you regularly dip in to see what's happening, let us know what you think via the guest book on the Feedback page. Thankyou